Brouwerij "De Block"
	Nieuwbaan 92
	B-1785 Merchtem-Peizegem	  

At the fringe of the Buggenhoutwood, in the hamlet of Peizegem, Boschkant, in Brabant is situated the brewery De Block. Closely connected with the beautiful nature, attached to the village tradition, loyal as a remainder of many values .

A long brewing tradition makes a tie between the past and the present.

In the 14th century, when the first brweing guilds became very popular, Henricus De Bloc already had obtained the brewing right, as a vassal of the Duke of Brabant and Bourgundy.

However it is Louis De Block, at the same time miller and agriculturist and married with a brewersdaughter from the rural Baardegem, who would give the start for the brewery De Block. With ambition, persistance and love of work they surely should succeed.

Supported by their children, always growing in the finesses and details of the trade, it was a pleasure to work. Everyone liked the beer very much and the whole family was honoured and recognised for their great job.

And with the time, their generations passed by, the roaring twenties with father Alfons De Block, his brothers and his sisters, and later changing of the guards, and every season the continous brewing the yeasting and the lagering of their fanous and well appreciated beers, until they are <<ąpoint>>, ready to be drunken, like a real Block beer, like it always has been. The process of making beer, made of finest flavours of hops, from own region, made of malts and grains and spices, so carefully elected, and the brewery's own yeast culture, scientifically elaborated are the basis and the tradition given from the one generation to another as an endless connection from young to old.

Quality is the real and only foundation for all our beers, they may listen to names as : Satan, Kastaar, Abbay beer Dendermonde, Sint Timotheus, special 6 and so on.

They are loved by such a great deal of connaisseurs all over the world, as well in Europe, Japan, Canada, United States, Australia,... and this makes the job worth to do.