Triple Abbeybeer Dendermonde is a blond high fermentation abbeybeer, made with the finest ingredients and brewed after ancient and rich traditions of monks and brewers.

The beautiful gothic label and glass show the abbeytowers from Dendermonde, within worked up the silhouette of a monk. On the background music and words are dancing, fragments from the work of the Medieval abbess and herbalist Hildegard von Bingen, whose manuscript in the Dendermond abbey was discovered by musiclovers.

Colour : deep darkblond
Taste description : full bodied, deep fruity, catched in a fine and heavenly bouquet of noble Belgian hops and authentic spices and herbs.
Technical description : Alcohol 8 vol.%, Degrees Plato : 18 Pl°
Serving temperature : between de 8° - 10°C
Type : high fermentation brew with refermentation in the bottle.

Packagings :

  1. 75 cl bottle
  2. 3 x 33 cl (tri-pack)
    EAN-code : 54 12107000138
  3. 24 x 33 cl, in handy Abbeybeer-crates or in a box
    EAN-code : 54 12107000152